SET 1011/611

The tower solutions are available as stated below also in gas configuration.

The price covers additional charge for components, which allow to build a tower:

  • stand
  • special chimney
  • connecting material
  • stainless steel cover between combi ovens

There is possible left or right door configuration.


Total heightHeight to the first upper tray
With standWithout standWith standWithout stand
1978 mm (stand 140 mm high)1838 mm1853 mm (stand 140 mm high)1713 mm


Set 1011/611 – electric

A – Flap valve | B – Chimney | C – Drain | E – Eletricity | V1 – Untreated water | V2 – Treated water

Sestava 1011/611 – electric with Vision Vent condensation hood