RETIGO Blue Vision is the highest model series of RETIGO Vision combi ovens. Individual combi ovens are designed to offer everything the demanding user needs. It is controlled through the 8″ control panel, offering quick access to all key and special functions. All models in basic configuration are equipped with the functions of automatic cleaning system and Easy Cooking, a flap valve and six-point temperature core probe.

One of Retigo Vision’s best-selling sizes of combi oven. The size of 611 is ideal for operations with a capacity of 51-150 meals a day. The gastronorm container size is GN 1/1 (530×325 mm). Wide-ranging accessories can be purchased to go with the 611 size – – various types of stainless steel stands, the Vision Vent hood, etc. Model 611 can be built into a set with another combi oven or regenerator (holding cabinet). The steam generation system is injection or boiler-based. The heat source is electricity or gas.


 VISION PERFECT COOKINGMake your diners great reason to keep returning to your place. With Retigo Vision combi ovens, you have the peace of mind that you will always achieve outstanding cooking results. The prepared foods have a perfect colour, are juicy, crispy and healthy with a minimal fat contain. VISION DESIGNSimply keeps you cooking with ease and comfort. Experience an excellent combination of features, exceptional ergonomics and attractive appearance. All this with a focus on safety, hygiene and long time reliability. MY VISION CONTROLSGives you time to concentrate on cooking and things that really matter to you. The simpliest controls on the market will save you time and enable you to quickly and easily make all the necessary settings. Display response is perfect even with grease or gloved hands. Adapt the main menu to your needs. SMART INVESTMENTGenerates money on savings for you every day. In-buil heat exchanger, tripple glazed door glass, 50 mm thick thermoinsulation combined with low consumption automatic cleaning will ensure you great return on investment.


COOKINGHot air 30 – 300 °CCombination 30 – 300 °CSteaming 30 – 130 °CBio steaming 30 – 98 °COver night cooking – Saves time and money.Rack timing – Set individual rack times for multi product cooking.AHC (Active Humidity Control) – Automatic humidity control for great cooking results.Advanced steam generation system – Two-step water preheating with in-built heat exchanger for perfect steam cooking results.Crosswise racks – Safer and comfortable GN handling. Better product visual control.Regeneration/banqueting – Cook, chill and regenerate to serve more diners in shorther times.Delta T cooking – Use advanced cooking method to reduce shrinkage on slow roasted meats getting amazing results.Low temperature cooking – Benefit from less weight loss, better taste.Cook & Hold – Let it cook and held serving temperature.Golden Touch – Add a golden-brown, crispy finish with just a touch.Automatic preheating/cooling minimises the loading temperature drop. Start cooking with the desired temperature.Sous-vide, Drying, Sterilization, Confit, Smoking – Great way to make your menu special. VISION TOUCH CONTROLS8“ display – Perfect overview, easy and intuitive control.MyVision – Customize your menu so you have all you need right on the main screen.Touch panel – Panel works under all conditions and has a fast response, no mechanical elements, buttons or wheels.Easy Cooking – Get great results even with less experienced chefs thanks to easy cooking guidance.6-point core probe – Allows foods to be automatically cooked to any desired internal temperatur.1000 programs with 20 stepsPictograms – Take a food picture on the main screen. Match it with a program. Touch it to get the desired cooking results repeatedly.Learn function – All cooking adjustments are recorded. At the end you save great results achieved and recall them again when needed.Last 10 – Cooking process easy to be used again bu just a touch.Multitasking – Unique opportunity to work with a display during cooking.Automatic start – The ability to schedule a delayed start.EcoLogic – Energy consumption shown right on the screen. Keeps your cost under control.Continuous cooking time option – Saves your time during busy operations. OTHER EQUIPMENTActive Cleaning – Low-cost automatic cleaning. No chef‘s time spent on cleaning any more.Tripple glazed door glass – Advanced energy savings and external glass that does not burn you.Auto-reversing fan – Excellent evenness to deliver high product color and texture uniformity.Flap valve – Patented dehumidification system for great colour and crispiness.7 Fan speeds – Precise control of air distribution for desired results with different products.Automatic Fan stop – No scalding when the door opened quickly.Fan timing – 3 steps for greater evenness and gentle cooking.Massive door handle – Comfortable and safe handling with silver ion material contain for bacteria reduction.AISI 304 stainless steel – Exceptional quality with a special coating for a extended life time.Hygienic cooking chamber with round inner corners – Trouble free maintenance.Hand shower – External water supply hose with spray nozzle. Extra water source at your disposal.Run-off tray under the door – No slipping on wet floor.Two water inlets – Saves a water treatment unit‘s capacity.WSS (Water Saving System) – Special drain system & in-built heat exchanger to save water related cost.Removable GN holders with 65 mm spacing CONECTIVITYUSB plug-in – Transfer useful data easily to and from the combi oven.Ethernet/LAN – Allows remote access for data management.VisionCombi software – Program and pictogram management in your PC, HACCP data view. OPERATION LOGSHACCP records – Easy and immediate analysis of critical cooking points.Complete operating records SERVICEBCS (Boiler Control System) – Nothing stops you steam cooking with the in-built advance direct steam generation system.SDS (Service Diagnostic System) – Easy unit check up and trouble shooting.


ModelB 611 iB 611 bB 611 ig
Technical specification2E0611IA 2E0611BA 2G0611AA
Steam generationInjectionBoilerInjection
Capacity7 x GN1/17 x GN1/17 x GN1/1
Capacity (optional)5 x 600/4005 x 600/4005 x 600/400
Capacity of meals51-15051-15051-150
Spacing65 mm65 mm65 mm
Dimensions (w x h x d) 933 x 786 x 821 mm933 x 786 x 821 mm933 x 786 x 821 mm
Weight116 kg122 kg127 kg
Total power10,9 kW10,9 kW0,74 kW
Heat power 10,3 kW10,3 kW13 kW
Steam generator power9 kW
Fuse protection16 A16 A10 A
Voltage3N~/380-415V/50-60 Hz3N~/380-415V/50-60 Hz1N~(2~)/220-240V/50-60 Hz
Noise levelmax. 70 dBAmax. 70 dBAmax. 70 dBA
Water/Drain connectionG 3/4” / 50 mmG 3/4” / 50 mmG 3/4” / 50 mm
Gas connectionG 3/4” 
Temperature30 – 300 °C30 – 300 °C30 – 300 °C


Electric Vision combi oven B 611 i, b

                          A – Flap Valve | B – Chimney | C – Drain | E – Electricity | V1 – Untreated water | V2 – Treated water 

Gas Vision combi oven B 611 ig